Q? Who will be my DJ?
A.Melody & Lori own & operate Melodies & Memories, so you will have your choice of either lady.

Q? Are you affiliated with any professional associations?
A.Yes. We are proud members of the Association of Wedding Professionals (AWP) & National Association of Mobile Entertainers (NAME). Melody & Lori have held several positions with AWP. Currently Melody is a Past-President of AWP & Lori served as the Director of Charitable Contributions.

Q? Do you take requests?
A.If you would like us to take requests from your guests, then the answer is yes! We will base those requests on the style of music you do or don’t want played at your party. The best way to get people dancing is to play what they want to hear.

Q? Do you provide a written contract?
A.Yes. You will receive a professionally written agreement that details all your information to book.

Q? Do you charge extra for travel?
A.We travel most of the DFW Metroplex at no addtional charge. Depending on the destination, rates for travel outside the Metroplex will vary. We are happy to travel anywhere in the state & out – if you need us we will accommodate.

Q? What time will you arrive to my event?
A.We typically arrive at least two hours before the start of the event to set up – providing we have access to the venue. This gives us plenty of time to set up the equipment, do a sound check, get dressed & have the music playing when your guests arrive.

Q? Do you carry insurance?
A.Yes – we have liability insurance & carry property insurance for our equipment.

Q? Will you emcee the evening?
A.Absolutely! We will act more like an emcee who plays music, instead of a DJ who may talk in the microphone.

Q? Do you display any type of advertising at your shows?
A.No – this is not our event. We don’t even mention it on the microphone. We feel if someone wants to know who we are, they will ask either us or you!

Q? What type of equipment do you use?
A.We use professional audio equipment. Some of the brands we prefer are: JBL, Peavy, American Audio, American DJ, Gemini & Numark. We take great care in the maintenance and appearance of our equipment.

Q? Do you provide backup?
A.Yes – Although rare (if not ever) we know that unexpected things can happen. We always have a DJ & a sound system available should something unforeseen comes up before/during your event.

Q? How do you dress?
A.Most of our events are formal so we dress accordingly. If your event is casual or themed, we will wear what you want!

Q? What type of music will you play?
A.We play what you want. Our planning sheets allow you to choose the music you want – whatever year, whatever style. If you have something special for us to play, let us know. We love to be turned on to new music!

Q? How much do you charge?
A.We consider ourselves budget friendly. There are several variables that come into play regarding your event. We would love the opportunity to speak to you – that way we can get you the best price for your budget.

Q? How much is your deposit?
A.We only require a $100 deposit to book your event. We apply it to the amount due & send you a confirmation for your records.

Q? Can you provide references?
A.We would love to! If you go to our Testimonials Page you will see many letters from some of our clients. Due to their privacy, we do not publish their contact information. If you would like to speak to any (with their permission) we will put you in touch.

Q? Do you include lights?
A.Yes – a basic lighting package is provided with all our events. No large trusses – it is a modest set up that will give you just enough ambience for your event. If you require a larger light set up, please contact our office for additional information.

Q? Do you require payment in full before the event?
A.No – we only expect the deposit up front. The balance can be paid the evening of the event. If you want to pay in full before or make small payments, you may, but it’s not required.